New drug, alcohol and sexual health service launches to support young people in Lewisham – Humankind

New drug, alcohol and sexual health service launches to support young people in Lewisham


Three young people use laptops

Insight Lewisham, a free and confidential service that will provide advice and help to young people who are impacted by or living with drug and alcohol issues or require support around sexual health and relationships, is set to open this month.

The service, which has been commissioned by Lewisham Borough Council, is available to any young person under the age of 25 and as well as substance use services they will also provide guidance and support around sexual and reproductive health and relationships.

”We are very excited to launch the new Insight Lewisham service, which will help to reduce the harms associated with drug and alcohol use and risky sexual behaviour for young people in the borough. Insight Lewisham will provide a modern, friendly and accessible front door into health services, and will help meet our aim to reduce the health inequalities experienced by local young people, particularly for those considered most at-risk, vulnerable and under-represented.”

Insight Lewisham will be delivered by Humankind, one of England’s largest drug and alcohol recovery providers, who also offer initiatives for adults in the borough and run other young people’s services across London.

Speaking about the new service, Sharon Pedliham, Area Manager at Humankind, said: “We are delighted to be launching Insight Lewisham, as it means that we can provide free, flexible and judgement free support to young people and families in the borough”.

“Our services are focused on helping young people achieve their potential and be empowered to make healthy and safe decisions, that help them build a more resilient future for themselves”, Pedliham added.

Insight Lewisham will offer workshops and one-to-one support directly to young people, as well as providing advice and support to family members and carers of people who have been impacted by someone’s drug or alcohol use, or risky sexual behaviour. The service will also deliver training, advice and support to local professionals, schools and community groups.

The service will be based on Winslade Way and will operate Monday to Friday from April 1st onwards. Read more about Insight Lewisham here.