An inspirational hour celebrating Humankind Volunteering – Humankind

An inspirational hour celebrating Humankind Volunteering

Celebrating our Humankind Volunteering Team and their achievements as 2023 draws to a close.

“What an inspirational hour” – Celebrating Volunteers

On Monday 11th December people across the country at Humankind came together to celebrate our volunteers through a virtual event.

Everyone was encouraged to share what they were looking forward to in 2024. There were exciting responses, including bringing a volunteer into our Recruitment team, new faces in SMART groups, moving into a full-time Recovery Coordinator role with Humankind, holidays, and even a visit to Monets Garden.

Ann Hall, Head of Volunteering and Ted Haughey, Executive Operations Director, opened the event. Ted shared how volunteering is at the heart of who we are as an organisation and reflected that volunteers enhance the impact on people who access our services, our culture, and values. Ann highlighted some of the impact and innovation from the past year, noting how a volunteer in the South West who shared their lived experience had reassured someone and gave them a new sense of hope for their recovery, resulting in them attending two groups each week since their connection.

Forward Leeds has innovated this year by creating a new role – Hep C Champion Volunteer – which is now held by three people. A volunteer’s employer also recently nominated them for the impact they made at our Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Service (STARS).

Members of the Volunteering team shared messages of thanks and appreciation for volunteers and highlighted anniversaries, such as for Leslyn, one of our volunteers in London who has been in post since 2017. We also celebrated seven volunteer anniversaries from 2018, eleven from 2019, and four from 2020.

Attendees made full use of the chat function throughout the event. One volunteer wrote:

“I want to offer BIG thanks to Chantal, who is the first connection London region volunteers have to Humankind. You are an amazing ambassador for Humankind, Chantal”.

Neil Stephens, a volunteer in the South West, also shared their volunteering journey with everyone. The response to Neil’s story was wonderful:

“Sounds like you’re smashing it, Neil, and very similar to myself!! Absolutely brilliant.”

“Amazing story Neil. You are an inspiration”.

“Thank you, Neil, for your warmth and inspiration”.

After the event, one attendee said:

“A really wonderful celebration. It’s got my week off to a great start. Thank you!” another said, “Thank you to you all for the work you do and how inspired and humbled you have made me feel.”

One staff member who joined, Steve Terry, said:

“In Haringey, volunteers have always been vital for service provision and experience. We have always been blessed in Haringey that amazing volunteers have presented themselves at the most opportune moments.”

Across Humankind, we are truly grateful for the commitment every volunteer has to their role, the compassion they show towards people we support, and their kindness and generosity in sharing their time with us. It means so much.