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What our workforce say

Our workforce is what makes us great - take a look at what they say about working for us


Lesley shares her experience of recovery from an alcohol addiction to moving into a rewarding career: “My battle with alcohol started in 2013 when my drinking spiralled out of control. Prior to this I had enjoyed drinking socially, and never thought I would ever become addicted to alcohol.

“I was really ill and during my battle with alcoholism I was hospitalised four times. This finally made me realise I had an alcohol problem and was my first step on the road to recovery. I was referred to South Tyneside Adult Recovery Service who put me on an alcohol reduction plan. With their support and guidance I reduced my alcohol intake until I no longer needed it. It was the toughest but best thing I have ever done.

 “I began volunteering at the service and absolutely loved it, then was offered a part-time job as a bank worker supporting people with their recovery. I’m living proof that no matter how long you have been relying on alcohol and how severe your problem actually is, it is possible to recover, beat alcoholism and succeed.”


“[My manager] helps me to get some perspective and is quick to respond: she always has a solution. I feel reassured and I feel safe.”


“I have a fab manager… They are approachable and down to earth, very supportive and collaborative.”


Melissa Thornton, Assistant Director of Finance, shares how her career has progressed with Humankind: “In 2004 at the age of 24 I began my journey as an accounts assistant with Humankind. With a finance team of seven, annual turnover of £8.3m and total staff of 234, we were smaller organisation than now, that meant for a number of years I organised a Christmas party for the whole outfit!

“I quickly progressed in the finance team, working as finance officer for a number of units until I was promoted to finance team leader. Once becoming team leader my passion for the team and ensuring we offered the best service evolved. On International Women’s Day I’d like to give a big shout out to my manager Camila Horner. Camila inspired and supported me, building my confidence to believe in myself, which allowed me to develop and progress to manager through to my current role of assistant director of finance.

“I’ve seen many changes and challenges during my time with Humankind and it hasn’t always been easy, but I love my job and when I talk about Humankind I feel passionate and proud of the organisation, the work we do and the finance team.”