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The Galloping Gallagher’s raise £3,000 for The Greens in Sheffield

Jasmine Rocks

In line with the third year of Humankind’s United for Fair Chances (UFFC) – the chance for individuals and groups to raise money for many aspects of our work, including our vital Service User Fund – we’re sharing the incredible story of The Galloping Gallaghers. 

Friends of beloved Stefan Gallagher ran 24km up and down the hills of Sheffield to raise an incredible £3,000 for The Greens in Sheffield, our recovery-focused accommodation. 

Recently, the group who call themselves The Galloping Gallaghers challenged themselves to complete the Round Sheffield Run and raise money for The Greens in memory of their friend, Stefan Gallagher. 

The service previously supported Stefan, and in return, the group have been fundraising to show their thanks and help them to keep supporting many other people.  

The team were also joined by team members from The Greens Sheffield who also completed the Round Sheffield Run  

The Galloping Gallaghers raised a total of £3,000 which has all been dedicated to the service. The staff members and residents have been talking about the use of the money raised, including talks of a defibrillator on site and some adventures to the beach and Peak District. 

Alongside the many donations were some heartfelt messages, including one from Stefan’s Dad, Sean Gallagher: “Good luck guys and thanks so much for keeping Stef’s positive spirit and memory alive and helping to raise money for a great cause. He would be proud of you all, just as I am.” 

Thank you to The Galloping Gallaghers for your hard work and dedication. All funds raised will be a huge help to the service and Stefan’s spirit will live on.  

The Galloping Gallaghers are:  

  • Julie Bicknell
  • Tristan Clarke
  • Garan Comley
  • James Coulson
  • Jim Danson
  • Katja Danson
  • Andy Dixon
  • Fran Garretty
  • Jaime Gray
  • Dave Hollinshead
  • Clare Kendall
  • Anthony Major
  • Ben Mooney
  • Sally Mooney
  • Ben Morton
  • Christina Shipley
  • Graham Wilkinson
  • Bill Young
  • Georgia Young

During United for Fair Chances we have members of the Humankind team completing numerous fundraisers which we will continue to share, if you would like more information on fundraising activities or how to donate, please visit our  Fundraising events and initiatives at Humankind.

Great North Swim participants raise money for Humankind

Jasmine Rocks

On Saturday 10 June 2023, some of our fantastic members here at Humankind took part in the Great North Swim to raise money for our organisation.

The event took place at Windermere Lake in the Lake District, where each member took part in cold water swimming and swam 1 mile as part of their fundraisers.

Humankind’s vision is for people of all ages to be safe, build ambitions for the future and reach towards their full potential. Their vision creates services and support to meet people’s complex health and social needs, helping them to build healthier lives that have meaning and value for themselves and their families. We support local people to create stronger, better-connected communities.

Our Fundraising Department organise and participate in a range of campaigns and events throughout the year to raise further support and awareness for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

We are so proud of everyone who has taken part and congratulate them on all their hard work fundraising for our organisation so we can provide more fair chances.

Humankind’s Corporate Fundraising Manager, David Barlow, said: “Congratulations to our five, inspirational, participants in the recent Great North Swim on Lake Windermere. The funds raised will directly improve the lives of those we exist to support.”

Rebecca Huitson Business Development Administrator, who participated in the Great North Swim said: “The Great North Swim was an amazing event, completely out of my normal comfort zone but in training and completing the swim it has proven to be a new hobby! Very pleased I signed up and proud to raise money for Humankind and support the amazing services to continue to positively impact lives every day.”

The group took some great photos at the event, which you can see below.