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LGBT+ History Month at Humankind

Jasmine Rocks

Our LGBT+ North East service is dedicated to improving the lives of people from the LGBT+ community by providing a safe and welcoming space for them to access support and resources.

The service offers one-to-one support, group sessions and family intervention to those aged 11-25. We also support referrals to other organisations and resources that can help meet people’s individual needs.

Our team at LGBT+ North East and the people they support have been busy throughout February celebrating LGBT+ History Month.

We’ve concentrated on showcasing the LGBT+ community’s contribution to medicine, which is the theme for this year’s LGBT+ History Month. It has been inspiring to demonstrate the positive effect people from the community have had on wider society despite the challenges people have faced due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

One of the most prominent LGBT figures in the medical field was Dr. James Barry, Born in the late 1700s, Barry identified as a man but lived their life as a woman.

They were able to obtain a medical degree and become a respected physician, making significant contributions to the field of medicine. They were a strong advocate for women’s health and hygiene and implemented practices that saved countless lives.

For more stories like this, take a look at our LGBT+ North East service’s posts from February on their Facebook page. It’s also been inspiring to see organisations and events engaging with our work and the people we support.

One such event was the Annual Durham University Queer Cabaret. The cabaret showcased a diverse range of eclectic talent, from drag performers to spoken word artists, musicians, and more. The event was vibrant and celebrated LGBT+ culture whilst promoting acceptance and inclusivity.

The show raised an amazing total of £468.52 for which we are incredibly grateful., We want to thank the organisers at Durham University for their commitment to community inclusion and integration which was evident throughout the show.

Our LGBT+ service was also invited to the Pride Action North East Progression Ball, which celebrates the achievements of LGBT+ individuals and raises funds for various charities.

The night was full of amazing performances and messages of hope and progression within the wider society for the LGBT+ community. It showcased the hard work that charities and services like ours undertake to ensure that the voices of the community are heard. The event also promoted the ways we can make the world a more diverse and inclusive place by adopting simple, yet fundamental, changes to ensure minority groups can thrive.

In addition to these events, our LGBT+ North East services Team Manager, Gail Brook attended the Northumbria Police LGBT+ committees Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Over the previous year, the Northumbria Police LGBT+ committee organised a variety of events that have raised a combined total of £1,190.

They collectively decided to donate the money to our service to support the social groups we run to help young LGBT+ people build social relationships, self-confidence, resilience, and awareness of their identity.

Without the support of our services, young LGBT+ people in the North East may not get to enjoy outings and activities due to anxiety, fear of public reaction to their identity, or social isolation, among other reasons. The incredible events and organisations who support us allow us to increase our outreach and engagement, and ultimately make a positive difference to LGBT+ people’s lives.

Check out the gallery of photos from the events below.

Humankind chosen by Year 7 students for community giving award nomination

Jasmine Rocks

Monday’s Year 7 assembly at St Gabriel’s College in Camberwell, London saw groups of pupils present their chosen charities to a panel of judges who picked an overall winner to receive a £1,000 donation.

This was part of a programme funded by the First Give organisation which works to ‘inspire and equip young people in secondary schools across England and Wales to tackle social issues’.

Representatives from Humankind, Sonia Bunger, Assistant Director for London and Gareth Samuel, Marketing Communications Officer for London, were invited to attend the assembly and listen to presentations that were given by Year 7 classes.

Pupils had worked throughout the autumn term to research and understand the remit of their chosen charity as well as design and execute a social action of their own to support the charity.

To compete for the donation, the students had to select and research a charity which works to have a transformative effect in local communities. We run an Individual Placement and Support (IPS) programme in Southwark which is integrated into substance use services and aims to support people to find and retain employment. Our Being Human strategy is centred on people: the people who use our services, their families, and the communities they are part of.

Judges scored each presentation on the depth of research, quality of presentation and the social action of the pupils. In the end, the donation was awarded to Lives not Knives, a charity which works to tackle knife crime in various communities across London. The pupils which represented Humankind were highly commended for their presentation and research and we are very grateful to them for selecting us.

Programme Leader and Deputy Head Teacher, David Toyloco, said: “For the First Give project, the whole of year 7 needs to look into social responsibility charities. Some of the pupils might have personal experiences with the charity.

“We run the programme in an extra-curricular capacity. I think this project broadens the horizons of our pupils. It opens their eyes and gets them to think of what they can do an individual. We find it a great programme and helps pupils to develop presenting skills, taking them out of their comfort zones.”

Sonia Bunger, Assistant Director for London at Humankind said: “It was such a great event to be part of. The idea that children as young as 11 are learning about the importance of social responsibility and being part of a community very much aligns with our values. We didn’t win the donation, but that wasn’t the point. We would like to thank St Gabriel’s College and Mr Toyloco for involving us in such an inspiring programme.”

The Galloping Gallagher’s raise £3,000 for The Greens in Sheffield

Jasmine Rocks

In line with the third year of Humankind’s United for Fair Chances (UFFC) – the chance for individuals and groups to raise money for many aspects of our work, including our vital Service User Fund – we’re sharing the incredible story of The Galloping Gallaghers. 

Friends of beloved Stefan Gallagher ran 24km up and down the hills of Sheffield to raise an incredible £3,000 for The Greens in Sheffield, our recovery-focused accommodation. 

Recently, the group who call themselves The Galloping Gallaghers challenged themselves to complete the Round Sheffield Run and raise money for The Greens in memory of their friend, Stefan Gallagher. 

The service previously supported Stefan, and in return, the group have been fundraising to show their thanks and help them to keep supporting many other people.  

The team were also joined by team members from The Greens Sheffield who also completed the Round Sheffield Run  

The Galloping Gallaghers raised a total of £3,000 which has all been dedicated to the service. The staff members and residents have been talking about the use of the money raised, including talks of a defibrillator on site and some adventures to the beach and Peak District. 

Alongside the many donations were some heartfelt messages, including one from Stefan’s Dad, Sean Gallagher: “Good luck guys and thanks so much for keeping Stef’s positive spirit and memory alive and helping to raise money for a great cause. He would be proud of you all, just as I am.” 

Thank you to The Galloping Gallaghers for your hard work and dedication. All funds raised will be a huge help to the service and Stefan’s spirit will live on.  

The Galloping Gallaghers are:  

  • Julie Bicknell
  • Tristan Clarke
  • Garan Comley
  • James Coulson
  • Jim Danson
  • Katja Danson
  • Andy Dixon
  • Fran Garretty
  • Jaime Gray
  • Dave Hollinshead
  • Clare Kendall
  • Anthony Major
  • Ben Mooney
  • Sally Mooney
  • Ben Morton
  • Christina Shipley
  • Graham Wilkinson
  • Bill Young
  • Georgia Young

During United for Fair Chances we have members of the Humankind team completing numerous fundraisers which we will continue to share, if you would like more information on fundraising activities or how to donate, please visit our  Fundraising events and initiatives at Humankind.

Great North Swim participants raise money for Humankind

Jasmine Rocks

On Saturday 10 June 2023, some of our fantastic members here at Humankind took part in the Great North Swim to raise money for our organisation.

The event took place at Windermere Lake in the Lake District, where each member took part in cold water swimming and swam 1 mile as part of their fundraisers.

Humankind’s vision is for people of all ages to be safe, build ambitions for the future and reach towards their full potential. Their vision creates services and support to meet people’s complex health and social needs, helping them to build healthier lives that have meaning and value for themselves and their families. We support local people to create stronger, better-connected communities.

Our Fundraising Department organise and participate in a range of campaigns and events throughout the year to raise further support and awareness for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

We are so proud of everyone who has taken part and congratulate them on all their hard work fundraising for our organisation so we can provide more fair chances.

Humankind’s Corporate Fundraising Manager, David Barlow, said: “Congratulations to our five, inspirational, participants in the recent Great North Swim on Lake Windermere. The funds raised will directly improve the lives of those we exist to support.”

Rebecca Huitson Business Development Administrator, who participated in the Great North Swim said: “The Great North Swim was an amazing event, completely out of my normal comfort zone but in training and completing the swim it has proven to be a new hobby! Very pleased I signed up and proud to raise money for Humankind and support the amazing services to continue to positively impact lives every day.”

The group took some great photos at the event, which you can see below.

Fundraise for Humankind at the London Winter Walk

Jack Keery

For a second year in a row, Humankind are taking part in a fantastic fundraising event to walk off the Christmas celebrations, kick start our New Year fitness regime, and boost our wellbeing.

We will be joining the Ultra Challenge’s Winter Walk half marathon (West Loop) at 10am on Saturday 28th January 2023 – and you can join us!

Starting and finishing at The Oval Cricket Ground in Vauxhall, the Winter Walk half marathon (West Loop) is a 13-mile loop past Battersea Park to Putney Bridge, and includes highlights of the Thames, its historic bridges, and many of the Capital’s key landmarks.

Families are welcome. You even get a free winter bobble hat and neck buff, snacks at rest stops, and a special medal and hot food at the finish.

Join as an individual or as a team, and choose to support Humankind from the list of charities when you sign up for the Winter Walk.

Funds raised will go to our Service User Fund to support the most vulnerable people we work with.

This event is strictly walking only – so no jogging or running is allowed.


  1. Charity Sponsorship – you pay a small registration fee, do lots of fundraising and we cover the cost of your event place.
    Half marathon: Registration fee £15 & fundraising target £195
  2. Mixed Funding – pay half of the event place cost yourself, fundraise a bit less and we pay the balance of the event place cost.
    Half marathon: Registration fee £34.50 / fundraising target £110
  3. Self Fund – you pay the full cost of the event place, fundraise whatever you want, with no set target or deadline, and there’s no cost at all to Humankind!
    Half marathon: Registration fee £69 (£44 12-17 year old price)

Find full details of prices and information on signing up on the Ultra Challenge – Winter Walk website.

You can download a paper sponsorship for to print if you prefer to use this over the Winter Walk’s JustGiving platform.