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The Galloping Gallagher’s raise £3,000 for The Greens in Sheffield

Jasmine Rocks

In line with the third year of Humankind’s United for Fair Chances (UFFC) – the chance for individuals and groups to raise money for many aspects of our work, including our vital Service User Fund – we’re sharing the incredible story of The Galloping Gallaghers. 

Friends of beloved Stefan Gallagher ran 24km up and down the hills of Sheffield to raise an incredible £3,000 for The Greens in Sheffield, our recovery-focused accommodation. 

Recently, the group who call themselves The Galloping Gallaghers challenged themselves to complete the Round Sheffield Run and raise money for The Greens in memory of their friend, Stefan Gallagher. 

The service previously supported Stefan, and in return, the group have been fundraising to show their thanks and help them to keep supporting many other people.  

The team were also joined by team members from The Greens Sheffield who also completed the Round Sheffield Run  

The Galloping Gallaghers raised a total of £3,000 which has all been dedicated to the service. The staff members and residents have been talking about the use of the money raised, including talks of a defibrillator on site and some adventures to the beach and Peak District. 

Alongside the many donations were some heartfelt messages, including one from Stefan’s Dad, Sean Gallagher: “Good luck guys and thanks so much for keeping Stef’s positive spirit and memory alive and helping to raise money for a great cause. He would be proud of you all, just as I am.” 

Thank you to The Galloping Gallaghers for your hard work and dedication. All funds raised will be a huge help to the service and Stefan’s spirit will live on.  

The Galloping Gallaghers are:  

  • Julie Bicknell
  • Tristan Clarke
  • Garan Comley
  • James Coulson
  • Jim Danson
  • Katja Danson
  • Andy Dixon
  • Fran Garretty
  • Jaime Gray
  • Dave Hollinshead
  • Clare Kendall
  • Anthony Major
  • Ben Mooney
  • Sally Mooney
  • Ben Morton
  • Christina Shipley
  • Graham Wilkinson
  • Bill Young
  • Georgia Young

During United for Fair Chances we have members of the Humankind team completing numerous fundraisers which we will continue to share, if you would like more information on fundraising activities or how to donate, please visit our  Fundraising events and initiatives at Humankind.

Likewise launches to support people in Sheffield with drug and alcohol issues

Jack Keery

Two people talk to each other. The Likewise logo is placed on top of the image in dark red colour
A new service aiming to support people who have issues with alcohol and other drugs across the city of Sheffield will open its doors on 1 August 2023.

Likewise, which has been commissioned by Sheffield City Council, is a partnership between national charity Humankind and Project 6. The service will provide free, confidential, and non-judgemental support to people who need it.

Likewise is the second service Humankind has launched in partnership with Project 6, after New Vision Bradford opened its doors across the Bradford District in April 2023. Project 6 has been providing support to individuals and families affected by substance use and experiencing multiple disadvantage in Sheffield for over 40 years.

The newly established Likewise and New Vision Bradford represent a significant extension to the support Humankind has been providing to people across Yorkshire for many years, through other services like Barnsley Recovery Steps, Calderdale Recovery Steps, Forward Leeds, North Yorkshire Horizons and The Greens.

Every Humankind service across the country that has been inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has been rated either ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’, including its services across Yorkshire.

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health, Sheffield City Council said:Sheffield City Council are delighted to be working alongside Humankind to deliver the new service Likewise, which will play a vital role in supporting individuals and communities in Sheffield impacted by drug and alcohol use.

We have seen the impact Humankind have had regionally and nationally and are very excited to be in partnership with them to deliver the goals set out in the National Drug Strategy ‘From Harm to Hope’.”

Emily Todd, Humankind Regional Director, said: “We are proud to be increasing the support Humankind offers to people across the country and in Yorkshire.

“With the local expertise of Project 6, feedback received from people we will be supporting and our workforce, and the extensive preparation that has been put in to launching the new service, we know we are in a strong position to make an incredibly positive impact on the overall health, wellbeing and safety of the Sheffield community.”

Vicki Beere, Project 6 CEO, said: “We are very pleased to be working alongside a partner in Humankind, with a track record of delivering exceptional services across our region. We look forward to this opportunity to build upon our years of experience developing community-rooted projects to ensure more people across our city have access to support and recovery services when they need them.”

Likewise will offer a range of support including harm reduction, recovery navigation, clinical and therapeutic interventions. The service will also provide support for family members and continue to work with people in longer term recovery to help them create a healthy and meaningful life.

From 1 August, you can contact Likewise for free and confidential support or advice about your drug or alcohol use, call 0114 308 7000, email or visit

Humankind set to offer drug and alcohol support and treatment to people in Sheffield

Jasmine Rocks

Picture of Sheffield Town Hall at dusk.

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be offering drug and alcohol support and treatment to people in Sheffield, having been funded by Sheffield City Council.

The new contract starts on 1 August 2023 and will be run in partnership with Project 6, a local voluntary sector drug and alcohol charity who have been working in the area since 1978. 

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health, said: “Sheffield City Council welcomes Humankind as our new provider of substance use support services in the city. It is important people in Sheffield can access the support they need to live happy and healthy lives. Humankind’s services will prove invaluable to individuals and communities in Sheffield.” 

Ted Haughey, Executive Director of Operations at Humankind, said: “We are delighted to expand our services in South Yorkshire and partner with Project 6. We have many years’ experience providing integrated drug and alcohol treatment services across the country and are looking forward to bringing this expertise to the people in Sheffield.   

“We’ll be working closely with commissioners and other partners across the city as well as listening to the people we will be supporting to continually develop and improve the service for the communities across Sheffield.” 

Vicki Beere, CEO of Project 6, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Humankind to deliver services in Sheffield. We have many years’ experience of supporting people in Sheffield to make and sustain positive changes to their alcohol and drug use. We look forward to being able to develop and expand this work, to afford more people in Sheffield the support to access recovery services and improve their wellbeing.” 

The new service will include a range of support including harm reduction, care coordination, clinical and therapeutic interventions. As part of our aftercare support we will continue to work with people who become abstinent to develop and reach their goals.

The service will also provide support for family members. 

Recovery Story: Greg at The Greens (Sheffield Recovery Focused Accommodation)

Jack Keery

Greg, a resident at The Greens, in their garden

Greg is a resident at The Greens, Humankind’s recovery focused accommodation in Sheffield. Before Greg accessed support at The Greens, his alcohol dependency had made him extremely ill. In his own words, he was “close to death”.

Now, Greg is enjoying life and recently even took part in a ‘Way of the Roses’ sponsored bike ride to raise money for us as a charity, to help others access the same support he received. He wanted to tell his story for Alcohol Awareness Week, in the hope that it might inspire others to make a change to their drinking habits.

“I have come a long way with the help of The Greens… My life is changed so much now.”

If you need support for your drug or alcohol use in Sheffield, contact our free and confidential support service.

Humankind’s community members travel over 1,000 miles together in celebration of Recovery Month

Jack Keery

Barnsley Recovery Steps, a Humankind service, on a recovery walk through Barnsley

Humankind has been celebrating the successes of people recovering from addiction by holding events throughout September to mark Recovery Month.

Recovery Month is a national event that celebrates the achievements of people who have sought treatment for drug and alcohol use.

Staff, volunteers, and people who use our services have joined together at a range of events, including walks, bicycle rides, community litter picks, and step-challenges to recognise the achievements of close to 30,000 people who access our recovery services each year.

North Yorkshire Horizons hiking

Speaking about the events, Humankind’s CEO, Paul Townsley, said:

“National Recovery Month is always a hugely significant time in our charity’s calendar, not only because we are able to celebrate the fantastic achievements of people who have accessed our services and thrived within them, but because those people have the opportunity to show others who may be struggling that recovery from substance misuse is both real and achievable.

“The collective effort from participants to amass over 1,000 miles in walks, bike rides, and many other events sends a strong message that we must end the stigma surrounding drug and alcohol issues, and instead celebrate those in recovery who are taking life-changing steps and aiming to maintain their sobriety.”

In total, our Recovery Month participants collectively travelled over 1186.9 miles, representing more than three times the distance from our head office in Durham to the location of our service furthest in the south, EDP in Devon.

As well as events to get active, Humankind’s services have also hosted graduations for those who have achieved sobriety and parties for those in recovery.

Forward Leeds, one of our drug and alcohol recovery services, hosted a recovery graduation at Elland Road with former Leeds United football player Jermaine Beckford and professional boxer Maxi Hughes presenting the ceremony.

Professional boxer Maxi Hughes and Jermaine Beckford at the Forward Leeds Recovery Graduation

In Sheffield, The Greens Recovery Focused Accommodation hosted a garden party in recognition of the achievements of tenants such as Greg Goodwin, who in the space of a year went from being in intensive care as a result of alcoholism to going sober and taking part in a 170-mile bike ride.

Other events featured in Humankind’s Recovery Month calendar included:

  • Barnsley Recovery Steps – 10-mile ramble
  • Calderdale Recovery Steps – outreach event in Halifax Town Centre, with public speakers, bands, choirs, and stalls
  • EDP Drug and Alcohol Services – Mount Everest Steps Challenge
  • Forward Leeds – Waterfront Recovery Walk
  • North Yorkshire Horizons – Yorkshire Three Peaks hike
  • South Tyneside Adult Recovery Service – Recovery Walks
  • Staffordshire Adult Recovery Service – Recovery Walks
  • The Greens Recovery Focused Accommodation – 170-mile Way of the Roses bike ride
  • The Greens Recovery Focused Accommodation – weekly community litter picks

Green shoots for Recovery

David Lupton

The Greens, a Humankind recovery centre located in Sheffield, is seeking horticultural support for a new mindfulness garden that is currently under construction.

The centre provides recovery focused accommodation for people who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

During the recent lockdown, residents came up with a highly ambitious plan to redesign the garden, providing a space for mindfulness and relaxation, and a large seating area for group and keywork sessions in the summer months. So far, residents have relayed turf, rebuilt the pathway and dug a pond. Meanwhile, research is underway as to which plants, vegetables and fruit trees thrive best in the new garden. The work has been supported by a grant from SOAR, and with a pledge of support from South Yorkshire Housing Association, alongside a generous discount offer from Wickes.

The residents have issued a plea for further local support to allow them to install artificial grass, more planting and garden furniture, which will help make the space a relaxing place to unwind and boost wellbeing.

Louise Morley, Project Manager at The Greens said: “What the residents have achieved so far is amazing. They’ve really taken the garden project to their hearts, and even though it’s been a pretty miserable winter, they have been working hard on the garden development.

“The mindfulness garden project will provide an area for planting, many residents have never had a garden before and the chance to grow their own herbs and veg. Growing plants you can eat is a magical process and this will enhance their experience at The Greens.

“We’re now looking for further support from anyone who can help, to enable the garden to develop to its full potential.”

Ed, a resident at The Greens said: “The staff here have all been brilliant. Since I’ve come here, I’ve been able to talk to the staff about anything, how I’m feeling, if I’m struggling or whatever it is.

“This garden project has helped me massively. My mate Lee has got me up and out every day, helping dig out the pond, starting on the path. It gives me something positive to do and focus on and there’s always someone to talk to out there.”

If you can offer support in any form, whether financial, materials or expertise, please contact Louise Morley at The Greens on